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Fix for $ix at Pet Alliance Alafaya

Thank you so much for booking your Fix for $ix appointment through CARE for our Pet Alliance Alafaya Clinic.


Please note that CARE is covering the additional surgery fee, so we ask that you cancel any unused spots in advance so others can take advantage. We must pay a set price, so it's crucial you cancel if you will not use the spots. Cancel your spots in your Setmore account or via the email that was sent when you purchased your spot. 

If you do not confirm with the cat's name by 6PM Monday night we will consider that you don't have the cat and cancel so someone else can fill your spots. If you then trap a cat you can go in and book another appointment if available, but the $6 fee would apply again. Please try to arrive closer to the 7AM time frame instead of the 7:30AM so they have some cats to start surgery right away.


Please remember these appointments are for outdoor, community cats only. Owned or adopted cats should not be presented during this clinic. Pet Alliance offers surgeries for owned cats and can be booked by calling them directly. All cats presented for surgery at the CARE clinic will be ear tipped. Our standard protocol of FVRCP and rabies vaccinations must be given to every cat presented. If you're new to trapping, welcome to the club. You've got this. You're doing such a good thing by helping out. If you have questions there are a ton of resources. If you have Facebook you can check out TNR of Central Florida - visit CARE's website - Alley Cat Allies.


You will either call or text the confirmation line (407-409-8660) to confirm. Please include your name and each cat's NAME. Every cat will need this information. If you confirm any other way we may not see the confirmation and will mark you as a no show and delete the appointment. You can also put your preferred pick up time (3PM, 4PM or 5PM). We try to meet ever preference.


Also, if you'd like any extras include that during this exchange ($25 for flea medicine per cat, $22.50 for SNAP Feline Triple Test: FIV, FeLV, Heartworm per cat, $25 for Convenia injection). If the cat has any issues that may need to be addressed such as open wounds, etc also let us know when you send in the name and color. We cannot make any guarantees we'll be able to address such issues as we process up to 100 cats in under 9 hours. 


Sample text/email/call: 

John Doe: 407-555-1212. Blackie, Sam (SNAP test), Frank (Check right eye). 3PM pick up. 


Dr Keenan has asked that you drop off between 7 & 7:30AM! If you're late you will be turned away. If you booked an appointment through CARE for 3AM you are more than welcome to arrive at 3AM. But we won't be there until 7AM. Our system doesn't allow us to book 100 spots at the same time, so we must space them out throughout the morning. It's a very limited staff that is doing these so please make sure you follow the procedures attached.


Drop off:
When arriving in the morning, all trappers and caretakers should park in an available parking space in the lot in front of the building. Caretakers are to remove all traps from their vehicle and line them neatly on the sidewalk or front porch of the clinic in individual groups. Address is 12050 East Colonial Drive. It's the last building on the driveway behind the Alafaya Library.


**Caretakers are to make sure all traps AND covers are clearly identified with cats “name”**. 


When arriving in the afternoon, all trappers and caretakers should park in an available parking space in the lot in front of the building. Once arrived, if a staff member is not outside, please ring the doorbell.


A staff member will bring your traps outside and place them neatly on the sidewalk or front porch in groups based on caretaker. 


Payments: All payments will be made to CARE for any extras. This includes Convenia injections at $25 per injection. Please pay via PayPal ( or send a check to PO Box 4552, Winter Park, FL 32793.


Paperwork will be emailed to caretakers within 2 weeks from the date of surgery.


If you're needing to borrow traps please email to get in contact with a trap distributor.

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